ETV structure

The purpose of EU ETV programme is to allow innovative technologies better access to the market through a process called Verification. To do this and meet the needs of the technology developer or ‘proposer’, the EU ETV programme uses the following actors which feed into each other to facilitate the verification process and the improvement of the programme.

  • Proposers are technology manufacturers, SMEs, or technology representatives submitting a technology for verification.
  • Verification Bodies (VBs) are organisations who have been accredited by their National Accreditation body under the standard of ISO 17020 to carry out the verification procedure
  • Technical Working Groups (TWGs) provide guidance to the implementation and development of the programme. They are made up of experts nominated by the VBs and the Commission
  • Stakeholder Forum is an annual event where ETV followers and stakeholders are asked to share their opinions and advice about the ETV process. This information is shared with the Steering Group.
  • Steering Group occupies a leading role in ensuring the proper implementation of the EU ETV programme. It is composed of members from all participating Member States and observing Member States