ETV structure

The structure for the European ETV Pilot Programme revolves around the close interaction between proposers, i.e. technology manufacturers, SMEs, technology representatives, and organisations fulfilling the role of Verification Bodies that carry out the verification procedure. Verification Bodies can only act within the ETV Programme if they have received accreditation from their National Accreditation Body under the standard of ISO 17020. The Technical Working Groups (TWGs) ensure a harmonious implementation of the programme by bringing together experts nominated by Verification Bodies and Commission appointed experts and together they provide guidance to the implementation and development of the Programme. The Stakeholder Forum gathers the opinions and advice from all ETV followers and stakeholders, which is then transmitted to the Steering Group, composed by members of all participating Member States and observers, so that it can properly fuflfill its leading role in the implementation of the Programme. An overview of the ETV structure is presented below where you can also learn more about each entity.

ETV StructureAccreditation BodiesVerification BodiesTest Body And Analytical LaboratoriesTechnical Working GroupProposer (Technology Manufacturer)Steering Group (European Commission & Member States)Stakeholder Forum