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ETA-Danmark A/S is a subsidiary in Danish Standard and is the Danish verification body for Environmental Technology Verification. The scheme is established in a partnership with DANETV, which is a conglomerate of five Danish technological service centers, which provides experts and test facilities for the verification procedure. The partners are DHI, Danish Technological Institute, FORCE Technology and DELTA. ETA-Danmark is accredited by the Danish Accreditation DANAK for performing environmental technology verifications. The accreditation covers seven technology areas including the three areas covered by the current EU-ETV Pilot Programme of “Water treatment and monitoring”, “Materials, waste and resources” and Energy technologies” plus “Soil and groundwater monitoring and remediation”, “Cleaner production and processes”, “Environmental technologies in agriculture” and “Air pollution and abatement”. With more than 40 years of experience in assessing performance and verifying performance claims for innovative technologies, ETA-Danmark is deeply involved in the EU ETV Pilot programme and is committed to work for the success of the pilot programme. ETA-Danmark is also the Danish approval body for construction products and ETA-Danmark A/S is accredited and notified as the Danish Technical Assessment Body (TAB) issuing European Technical Assessments as specified in the Construction Products Regulation (EU) 2011/305.

ETA-Danmark A/S – 360° competence

ETA-Danmark A/S offers more than 40 years of experience in approval and product certification and training covering a wide range of schemes and product approvals. We are a Danish company with an international outlook, and our membership of EOTA, the European Organization for Technical Assessment and WFTAO, a global network of technical assessment bodies, gives you access to our services in most parts of the world. We have been working in the field of assessment of innovative technologies for over four decades and the combined competencies of our staff provide the best expert knowledge on the market. This is reflected in the professional approach that has become our trademark.

Integrity and profitability

Our accreditation granted by DANAK imposes a considerable responsibility for ensuring that all approvals and verifications are provided on a professional and technically unimpeachable basis. It is a matter of trust and confidence in the entire system, and a commitment we take very seriously. At the same time we attach great importance to making sure that our customers profit from our mutual efforts. This may be in the form of a faster time-to-market for the products or an easier path to goal fulfilment. We secure best performance by using the most competent staff and cooperate with highly skilled and specialized partners. This is what we mean by 360 degree competence.

A good result is based on dialogue

The first step towards an approval or a verification is a dialogue between you and us. We have been on the market long enough to know that the world consists of individual solutions based on profound knowledge and experience. Let us start there: with the first talk about your wishes, your needs and your goals. They form the foundation on which we offer to assist you. In an objective and competent manner – and with due respect for the reality in which you operate. We look forward to seeing you!

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DANAK - The Danish Accreditation and Metrology Fund