BIOMASSER® briquetting machines

Technology description

The BIOMASSER® technology has been developed for converting non-wood wet biomass without its drying to produce renewable biofuel in the form of briquettes using a briquetting machine called BIOMASSER® BSX14. The main part of the machine is a processing screw with a forming head coupled with a driving unit. Depending on the number of the briquettes forming heads the briquetting machine BIOMASSER® BSX14 may occur in different versions. The number of the briquettes forming heads may vary from 1 to 4, depending on the required production output. Letter "X" in the machine name indicates the number of the forming heads. Machine with one forming head is marked as BS 114, with two heads as BS214, with three heads as BS314 and with four heads as BS414. Additionally, machine with one head is called SOLO, with two heads DUO, with three heads TRIO and with four heads OUATTRO. For the purpose of technology verification, BIOMASSER® BS114 SOLO machine was tested. Additionally, for some tests BIOMASSER® BS214 DUO machine was used.

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ASKET Roman Długi

ul. Forteczna 12a
61-362 Poznań
+48 618794459
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Roman Długi
ul. Forteczna 12a
61-362 Poznań

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