Eco-innovation in practice

This section presents articles and interviews with sustainability experts covering good practices and policy developments on eco-innovation from around Europe. All the EcoAP newsletter and news articles are available for browsing under the categories below.

Policy matters

This section covers articles on the decisions taken to put eco-innovation at the heart of European policies with clever ideas to boost its uptake and regulatory developments at national and local level – if you want an all-round insight on decision-making, read on...

Business and investments

All over Europe there are a variety of funding opportunities available for eco-innovation. To discover more about business and investments opportunities beyond the EU funding programmes, take a close look here.

Research & development

Technological advances are cropping up all around us. Keep your finger on the pulse and see the ideas that are making it into the world around us.

Experts interviews

From politicians to venture capitalists and architects, the movers and shakers of eco-innovation across the EU share their ideas and their hopes in one-off interviews. Looking for inspiration? You are in the right place.