Research & Development


EU FUSIONS: food for thought
A major European Union research project is studying how the environmental problem of food waste can be tackled through agreed definitions, common strategies and social innovation. The EU FUSIONS project (Food Use for Social Innovation by Optimising Waste Prevention Strategies) is backed by the...
Portal aims to help the seeds of innovation to grow
An online portal is aiming to promote the results of European environmental research and development by providing details of a range of promising eco-innovations, and rating their “technology readiness”. The Innovationseeds portal went public in mid-2012. It has established a library of results...
Boosting the environmental return on glass recycling
The MEIGLASS Life project developed an innovative process for recovering greater amounts of quality glass from broken or waste glass returned for recycling with less energy use. When using recycled glass, the glass-container industry requires ‘oven-ready’ cullet – broken or waste glass – free...