Research & Development


Eco-friendly robotic cleaner to reduce ship fuel consumption.
Newcastle University engineers have developed a robotic cleaning system able to navigate its own way across a ship’s hull and remove marine growths. It offers an effective replacement to environmentally-damaging biocides The self-navigating robot cleaner makes it possible to improve maritime...
Developing second-generation biofuels for commercial flights
Airbus and Honeywell are working with others to develop biofuels that could satisfy nearly a third of global demand from commercial aircraft by 2030 without affecting food supplies Airbus, JetBlue Airways and International Aero Engines will work with two Honeywell companies – UOP and Honeywell...
Making car recycling more environmentally friendly
Advanced technologies to increase the recovery rate from end-of-life vehicles can help Member States achieve EU targets for resource and energy recovery. There is a clear responsibility on car manufacturers in the EU to ensure maximum recycling when vehicles reach their end-of-life stage. This...
Integral cylinder pressure sensor cleans up diesel engines
The 2008 EUREKA Lillehammer Award went to a glow plug pressure sensor that can cut nitrogen oxide (NOx) and soot particle emissions from car diesel engines by up to 90%. As a result of work in the EUREKA CYPRESS project, diesel cars can now meet new EU and US emissions standards with reduced...
World's cleanest vessel on inland waterway
An EU-funded research project is currently demonstrating a low-emission, fuel efficient and environmentally friendly tanker, developed to reduce the environmental impact of inland shipping. Inland navigation is safe and environmentally friendly with average CO2 emissions only a third of...
On-board carbon capture offers emission-free cars
US researchers have developed an innovative strategy to capture, store and eventually recycle carbon from vehicles to prevent CO2 from finding its way into the atmosphere. US researchers have developed an innovative strategy to capture, store and eventually recycle carbon from vehicles to...
Cleaning up on off-road diesels
A diesel particulate filter technology developed in a German project funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) is set to clean up emissions from off-road construction vehicles. Reduction of nitrogen oxide and particle emissions from diesel vehicles has been a major problem....