Research & Development

Sustainable Consumption and Production

Recycled footwear products enter the market
Setting up systems so that consumers can return obsolete products to retailers – whether or not at the time of purchase of a new product – is an effective way of diverting old products from waste streams and encouraging reuse and recycling. Backed by legislation, such collection schemes are in...
Ecosurfactant development leads to greener cleaning products
Ecological cleaning products manufacturer Ecover has developed an innovative method for making ecosurfactants using a low-energy biochemical process based on natural fermentation. Surfactants are the active ingredient in the majority of household cleaning products. As wetting agents, they lower...
Cutting energy consumption in the food and drink sector
A specialist ‘supply-on-demand’ drying technology developed by a UK Knowledge Transfer Partnership could yield significant energy savings for food and drink manufacturers. Hertfordshire University joined with UK drying specialist Secomak to create a drying machine offering significant energy...
Lighting the path to lower energy consumption
The next generation of low consumption lighting systems is set to slash energy consumption in Europe. New developments, such as organic LEDs, could result in huge energy savings. According to the OLED100.eu project, lighting now accounts for a quarter of Europe’s total energy consumption....
Integral cylinder pressure sensor cleans up diesel engines
The 2008 EUREKA Lillehammer Award went to a glow plug pressure sensor that can cut nitrogen oxide (NOx) and soot particle emissions from car diesel engines by up to 90%. As a result of work in the EUREKA CYPRESS project, diesel cars can now meet new EU and US emissions standards with reduced...
World's cleanest vessel on inland waterway
An EU-funded research project is currently demonstrating a low-emission, fuel efficient and environmentally friendly tanker, developed to reduce the environmental impact of inland shipping. Inland navigation is safe and environmentally friendly with average CO2 emissions only a third of...