Research & Development


EcoWater: Modelling the impact of environmental technology on water systems
A European research project led by the Environmental and Energy Management Research Unit of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), Greece, is developing complex indicators to measure the impact of eco-innovative technologies on ecosystems. The EcoWater project, says coordinator...
Recycled footwear products enter the market
Setting up systems so that consumers can return obsolete products to retailers – whether or not at the time of purchase of a new product – is an effective way of diverting old products from waste streams and encouraging reuse and recycling. Backed by legislation, such collection schemes are in...
Innovative bioprocesses may offer benefits to a fading colour textile industry
The scaling-up of sustainable, high-tech dyeing technology is the focus of an ongoing European Commission funded project aimed at strengthening SMEs in the colour textile industry. The Bioprocessing for Sustainable Production of Coloured Textiles project (BISCOL) is well on its way toward...
Recovering valuable metals from industrial waste
The rising cost of metals is expected to drive uptake of an ecological metal-recovery system being developed by the EU-funded Ecometre project. It will benefit both surface-engineering and electronics companies. Surface-engineering and related industrial sectors, such as aerospace, automotive,...
Combining renewable energy and desalination
A report by researchers at the Cartagena Technical University (UPCT) in Spain outlines a desalination process using renewable energy and resulting in lower environmental impacts. Population and industrial growth have placed a heavy demand on water supplies. Moreover, climate change and...