Research & Development


Seaweed cultivation project promises higher yields
Seaweed has been harvested for hundreds of years – the ocean plants are used for a variety of products, including edible seaweeds such as Japanese Project information: AT~SEA...
EcoWater: Modelling the impact of environmental technology on water systems
A European research project led by the Environmental and Energy Management Research Unit of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), Greece, is developing complex indicators to measure the impact of eco-innovative technologies on ecosystems. The EcoWater project, says coordinator...
Natural pest management cuts rice waste
A EUREKA project has come up with a novel combination of natural methods to keep rice safe from insects and fungi during storage, providing a welcome substitute for pesticides. An eco-innovative alternative to growing ever more rice to feed booming populations in Asia, Latin America and Africa...
Agricultural research institute focuses on renewable energy
A new UK centre of excellence for environmental and energy research could increase renewable energy in agricultural, while also investigating use of alternative bioenergy sources. The Renewable Energy Centre (REC) is part of the Agri Food and Bioscience Institute (AFBI) in County Down, Northern...
Danish LED greenhouse system lights path to energy savings
A LED system producing photosynthetic wavelengths of light could result in dramatic energy savings for plant growers. The concept was developed in the University of Southern Denmark. Designed for use in greenhouses, the LED system emits light at the specific photosynthetic wavelengths that...