Research & Development


New buildings from old bricks  
The reuse of building materials is not new. For centuries, people have stripped old buildings to obtain materials for new constructions. Today, however, construction waste is a headache for local administrations. It must be sent to landfill, or is crushed and reused as aggregate. A project...
Tackling urban water shortages: new technologies for self-sufficiency
A Danish study of alternative water supply systems suggests that adopting a mix of different technologies could optimise the potential for water self- sufficiency in urban areas. Population growth and urbanisation are challenging current water supply systems. In many urban areas, attention has...
Danish LED greenhouse system lights path to energy savings
A LED system producing photosynthetic wavelengths of light could result in dramatic energy savings for plant growers. The concept was developed in the University of Southern Denmark. Designed for use in greenhouses, the LED system emits light at the specific photosynthetic wavelengths that...
Nano-flake structure boosts solar cell performance
A new nanostructure shape called nano flakes and being developed in Denmark could cut the cost and improve the efficiency of solar cells, bringing solar power within the grasp of ordinary households. Less than one percent of the world’s electricity currently comes from the sun because it is...