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  • Development and Diffusion of Environmental Technologies: Technology Transfer, Knowledge Flows and International Cooperation (2012)
    This report provides results and policy lessons obtained from the project “The Development and Diffusion of Environmental Technologies: Technology Transfer, Knowledge Flows and International Cooperation” on behalf of the European Commission, DG Environment, Unit E4. The project’s goal was to study the incentives for the development and diffusion of environmental technologies, with special emphasis put on the needs of developing countries.
    Final report pdf - 8 MB [8 MB] English (en) - Executive summary pdf - 642 KB [642 KB] English (en)
  • Environmental Innovation - Invention and Transfer of Environmental Technologies
  • OECD report: Assessment of ETAP roadmaps with regard to their eco-innovation potential, 2010. The general aim of this study pdf - 2 MB [2 MB] was to carry out a policy mapping exercise in order to assess the performance of ETAP countries pdf - 3 MB [3 MB] as regards their eco-innovation potential. The questions guiding the enquiry were:
    1. Do countries with similar contextual features develop similar policy patterns?
    2. Are EU member states addressing environmental priorities and needs of their countries?
    3. How do EC member states compare with non-EU OECD countries in terms of the balance of their policy instruments in the field of eco-innovation
  • OECD Report : Enabling green growth: sustainable manufacturing and eco-innovation
    The first phase of the OECD Project on Sustainable Manufacturing and Eco-innovation was concluded in April 2009. This phase focused on the development of an analytical framework and a review of the state of current knowledge in industry practices, policy initiatives and measurement. The publication of the full report of the first phase of the project was announced by OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurría in December 2009 at a media briefing during the COP15 meeting in Copenhagen. The book is part of the OECD Innovation Strategy series and the first contribution to the OECD Green Growth Strategy.
  • Measuring Eco-Innovation-MEI
    MEI offers a conceptual clarification of eco-innovation (developing a typology) based on an understanding of innovation dynamics. It will identify and discuss the main methodological challenges in developing indicators and statistics on eco-innovation and how these may be overcome.
  • FUNDETEC report - Research project providing a comprehensive mapping and analysis of financial instruments that fund the development and deployment of environmental and clean technologies. The project provides critical information and support for future policies and programs to better align public and private efforts to bring these technologies to market.
    • Executive Summary: here. pdf - 3 MB [3 MB]
    • Full report: here. pdf - 14 MB [14 MB]
    • Download a brief overview of the project: here .
  • Policy pathways to promote the development and adoption of cleaner technologies
    The aim of POPA-CTDA is to assess the issues driving and barriers slowing the development and uptake of cleaner technologies across the energy, agricultural, transport and industrial sectors of the economy. POPA-CTDA will clarify what are the barriers impeding progress of cleaner technologies and what policy initiatives, and additional research tasks, are needed to address these barriers. The output of this policy targeted research will be of particular use to policy makers looking for new tools and insights into how to encourage innovation and use of cleaner technologies. This POPA-CTDA proposes to explore the drivers, barriers and policy context for cleaner technologies in each of the sectors, complemented by an in-depth analysis of 8 technology-specific case studies.

    For more information, sectorial and policy studies, here .


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Related Studies

  • Europe:
    • "Eco-industry, its size, employment, perspectives and barriers to growth in an enlarged EU" European Commission report available here (November 2006).
    • Briding the Valley of Death: public support for commercialisation of eco-innovation
      The report recommends the Commission and Member States to use greater demand-side innovation policy to tackle constraints on eco-innovation. It analyses the experience of existing innovation procurement policies.The report also analyses the areas of innovation where this would be successful and identifies the practical needs of the policy.
      Final report (pdf ~3,8 MB) Policy brief [22 KB] (pdf ~18 KB)
    • SMEs and the environment in the EU. Report here .


Noteworthy studies

  • Access to financing for Eco-Innovative SMEs, 2011 Study published
    • Read the study here pdf - 2 MB [2 MB]
  • Study on the Competitiveness of EU Eco-industry
    • Read the study here
  • Analysis of the European Eco-Industries, their employment and export potential
    • Read the 2006 study here
  • Environmental Policy, Technological Innovation and Patent Activity