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Finland - Chemicals

Finland focuses on future prosperity through cleantech growth  
Finlandia ya disfruta de la consideración de líder mundial en ecoinnovación y desarrollo de nuevas tecnologías limpias. Según las cifras del gobierno finlandés, aproximadamente 2000 empresas operan en el sector de tecnologías limpias del país y generan exportaciones anuales de 12 000 millones de...
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Lahti, a city of 120,000 people in Finland, is the European Green Capital 2021. Lahti won the prestigious title for being a top performer in the fields of air quality, waste, green growth and eco-innovation, as well as governance. The Arctic is warming twice as fast as the global average, so Lahti...
Back in 2009, German and Swiss authorities found a problem: traces of mineral oil in food. The contamination was entering food from the inks in the recycled cardboard used to make packaging for products such as frozen pizzas, pasta and breakfast cereals. Further studies were carried out and in 2017...