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Europe - Zero Pollution

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Los plásticos son materiales versátiles que se encuentran en embalajes, construcción, transporte, equipos, muebles, ropa y otras aplicaciones vitales. Siempre que las condiciones sean las adecuadas, pueden (y deben) desempeñar un papel clave en la economía circular de Europa. RecyClass, una...
Eco-innovation can take many forms. Sometimes it is about stand-out ideas that catch the eye and make a big public impact. The Bosco Verticale (Vertical Forest) buildings in Milan are an example of this – residential tower blocks that incorporate hundreds of trees, along with renewable energy and...
Mankind’s negative impact on the planet – and its health and environmental consequences – can be summed up in one word: pollution. Environmental and health policies seek to reduce pollution, often on a case-by-case basis, such as by banning or restricting a specific activity or substance.. To...