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A Latvia-based circular economy e-learning platform for designers working in fashion. A German sustainability academy for construction professionals. A Basque-country eco-design hub working to improve the skills of young people, students and the unemployed. An online resource for the training of...
ThisisEngineering RAEng
Spirited and well-informed, young people are vital to Europe’s ‘green growth’ ambitions. EcoAP News explores how education, training and career development shape a future where innovation brings economics and the environment closer together. The European Union’s economic prosperity and well-being...
How smart policy innovation is transforming economic thinking and inspiring urban renewal and green building projects. The circular economy offers solutions to some of the greatest societal challenges, from tackling carbon emissions, climate change and unsustainable building practices to meeting...
Manifesto maps out Europe's future bioeconomy
Una conferencia de alto nivel celebrada en Utrecht, en los Países Bajos, a mediados de abril, bajo la presidencia holandesa del Consejo de la Unión Europea, ha publicado un manifiesto que establece una hoja de ruta para el desarrollo de la bioeconomía en la UE. El manifiesto define la bioeconomía...