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SHIFT project concludes with handbook on eco-innovation support scheme design
Support systems designed to underpin entrepreneurship and innovation are still insufficiently focused on eco-innovation and sustainability, according to the final recommendations of a research project supported by the ECO-INNOVERA Network. Environmental, social and economic benefits The SHIFT...
Award scheme highlights environmental as well as social innovation
A European award scheme for innovative social projects shows that social innovation often goes hand in hand with environmental innovation. The European Social Innovation Competition gave out its first awards in 2013, and the scheme is now getting ready to open its fourth edition, with a launch...
Norwegian programme tests green shipping concepts
A group of Norwegian shipping companies has come together to work on five pilot projects that are intended to improve the environmental performance of shipping that operates close to shore, such as ferries or short-distance freight. The main aim of the scheme, known as the Green Coastal Shipping...
Europe and Korea can learn from one another to bolster eco-innovation, move closer to a circular economy and deliver on the new global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for 2030, concluded decision-makers from both regions at the 19th Forum on Eco-Innovation held in Seoul, the Republic of Korea...
Circular economy and the role of eco-innovation
The European Union is rich in skills and yet relatively poor in resources, importing six times more natural resources than it exports. With an expanding global middle class, the competition for resources is likely to impact our economy as well as the world’s environment. To address some of these...
Circular economy could double benefits from eco-innovation, study finds
The European Union could be nearly a trillion euros per year better off by 2030 if a current surge of rapidly developing eco-innovations are put into practice within a circular economy framework, according to a study completed for the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. New technologies and business...