Policy matters


InnovFin offers advice on financing research into cutting-edge technologies
Eco-innovative companies could benefit from an advisory service attached to the European Union's InnovFin – EU Finance for Innovators initiative. The advisory service is targeted at large-scale projects that require a minimum of €15 million in research and innovation (R&I) investment, and that...
'Concrete' solutions
The European Union's construction sector faces a testing target. Under the EU Waste Framework Directive (2008/98/EC), it must, by 2020, reuse or recycle at least 70% by weight of non-hazardous construction and demolition waste. In some countries, such as Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands,...
Danish municipalities roll out green business growth scheme
A project in the southern Danish municipalities of Kolding, Middelfart and Odense is demonstrating how tradesmen such as builders, plumbers and roofers can build their businesses and create jobs by better aligning their services with the European Union's energy-efficiency objectives. To do this...
SPIRE aims to inspire through resource and energy efficiency  
A major cross-sectoral partnership is planning to channel €1.4 billion in private sector research spending to resource and energy efficiency in Europe's process industries – those sectors, such as steel and cement, that transform bulk resources into products that underpin modern economies. The...
The 13th European Forum on Eco-Innovation: water sector eco-innovation in practice
The 13 The Forum resulted in the production of recommendations that will inform the future development of activities for the European Innovation Partnership (EIP) on Water [see article on EIP http://ec.europa.eu/environment/ecoap/about-eco-innovation/policies-matters/eu/20121001_en.htm].The...
Steel supply chain innovations deliver green benefits
A better integrated supply chain and consumption-based accounting would enable more efficient use of steel and less waste, so helping reduce the industry’s environmental footprint. The steel sector needs to think about how it can provide the same services with less steel, Julian Allwood from...
Nanotechnology and environmental performance: what lies beyond the shiny promises?
The nanotechnology industry has over-promised and under-delivered according to Friends of the Earth, which proposes taking a precautionary approach to nanotechnology products. Nanotechnology has the potential to deliver novel approaches and transform the economy, although at a significant...
Accelerating sustainable industrial production
Eco-innovation will be a key driver of industry efforts to tackle climate change in the post-Kyoto era according to new book on green growth published by the OECD in January 2010. The new book entitled Eco-Innovation in Industry is based on the first phase of the Organisation for Economic Co-...
Pursuit of sustainability drives innovation in the chemical industry
The European chemical industry is embracing innovation to ensure sustainability. Moreover, through innovation the industry is providing measures to facilitate a sustainable society. The chemical sector plays a significant role in the European economy, contributing 30% of the world’s total...