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Balancing electrical energy supply and demand
Renewable energy presents a challenge: how to meet peak demand with increasing reliance on intermittent sources. A new analysis explores storage options to facilitate use of renewables. The challenge of reducing greenhouse gas emissions has prompted a shift from conventional power stations to...
Solar photovoltaics set to provide 12% of Europe's electricity by 2020
The European PV industry has redefined its targets following technological developments and rising energy prices. The sector aims to supply 12% of Europe's electricity by 2020. During the European Photovoltaic Industry Association (EPIA) September 2008 conference in Valencia, Spain, an...
European Mobility Week calls for Clean Air for All
The 7th annual European Mobility Week ran from 16 to 22 September 2008, with more than 200 million people set to take part in the event across the EU and around the world. The event has gone from strength to strength since its inception in 2002, with the number of towns involved increasing...
Taking a united approach to battery recycling
The new EU Battery Directive came into force in October 2008 and is set to change how spent batteries are processed at national level. Some Member States have already been showing the way. Following in the footsteps of the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive, the Battery...
The practical contribution of ICTs to sustainable growth
Application of information and communication technologies (ICT)-based solutions in industry could yield dramatic energy savings, and ultimately lead to a more sustainable society. Information and communication technologies have the potential to help Europe overcome its biggest challenges. Only...
Making mobile phones greener
As stakeholders and governments are striving to lessen the environmental impact of mobile phones, mobile phone producers are moving to meet the demands of an eco-conscious society. Mobile phone use has grown rapidly with subscriptions surpassing 4 billion by end 2008 according to International...
Pursuit of sustainability drives innovation in the chemical industry
The European chemical industry is embracing innovation to ensure sustainability. Moreover, through innovation the industry is providing measures to facilitate a sustainable society. The chemical sector plays a significant role in the European economy, contributing 30% of the world’s total...
Accelerating sustainable industrial production
Eco-innovation will be a key driver of industry efforts to tackle climate change in the post-Kyoto era according to new book on green growth published by the OECD in January 2010. The new book entitled Eco-Innovation in Industry is based on the first phase of the Organisation for Economic Co-...
Cultivating crops on city rooftops
Climate change and population growth mean walls, balconies and roofs across Europe's cities could take on a greener complexion as food production becomes part of the urban landscape. To meet the challenges of producing food in a more environmentally-friendly way, the European Environment Agency...
Laying the foundations for sustainable construction
Reclaimed and sustainable construction materials could lead to a more eco-friendly building sector. By using such materials developers can reduce emissions and save energy. If Europe is to meet its goal of reducing emissions and energy consumption by at least 20% by 2020, the sustainability of...