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Perspective du secteur Ouest © PBA-Vectuel-Studiosezz
The future of urban planning might already be here, in the north west of Paris, on a 54 hectare site that used to be a railway yard behind Saint Lazare train station. A project to redevelop the site started in 2001. The intention was to create a village that would serve the 2012 Olympics, for which...
New report details water management good practices
A European Commission-funded project has published a guide for city planners on how to tackle the four main water management issues that urban areas face: flooding, water scarcity, water conservation and water quality. The report, from the POWER project, analyses best practices in each of these...
Tram depots: a blueprint for green building
Five European cities define the cutting-edge in sustainable urban building with four innovative new tram depots A new series of tram depots offers an answer to the challenge of building new public infrastructure both essential for urban development and constrained by stringent environmental,...
A report from the European Commission Joint Research Centre indicates that environmental improvements in residential buildings could result in overall greenhouse gas emission reductions of 7%. The JRC IMPRO-Building report suggests that such reductions could be achieved without incurring...
Cities setting standards in eco-innovation
Curitiba is Brazil’s seventh largest city and ‘green capital’. One of the best examples of green urban planning, it shows a city can minimise its environmental impact and be attractive. Eco-innovation is usually applied to products, not cities. Yet the planning achievements of Curitiba and...