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Perspective du secteur Ouest © PBA-Vectuel-Studiosezz
The future of urban planning might already be here, in the north west of Paris, on a 54 hectare site that used to be a railway yard behind Saint Lazare train station. A project to redevelop the site started in 2001. The intention was to create a village that would serve the 2012 Olympics, for which...
Awards recognise France’s circular economy champions
France’s Circular Economy Institute (Institut de l'économie circulaire) recognised a raft of companies, individuals and public authorities that are in the vanguard of the circular economy in an awards ceremony in Paris in mid-September. It is the second year awards have been given out to...
France's Auvergne region emphasises support for eco-design and eco-innovation
An eco-innovation support programme, put in place in the central French region of Auvergne by the regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry ( Through the programme, the CCIA provides eco-innovation expertise to companies that want to better control the environmental impacts of their products,...
West France's eco-innovation production line
A mentoring programme aimed at eco-innovation entrepreneurs in the western French Eco Innovation Factory is aimed at projects in their earliest stages. Candidates will be project creators, start-up companies under two years old or researchers based in Loire Atlantique or Vendée. The innovation...
Innovation plays key role in French sustainable-development plan
Eco-innovation is a key element in the French sustainability strategy for 2010-13, adopted by a government committee headed by environment minister Jean-Louis Borloo in July 2010. France is proposing a common architecture for public and private actors alike to ensure future development is...