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Austria adopts tough measures to increase energy efficiency in housing
Tough new measures have been introduced in Austria to increase energy efficiency in both public and private buildings. These measures favour adoption of eco-innovative solutions A series of tough housing and construction measures to be implemented across the country's nine states from 2009 has...
Cultivating crops on city rooftops
Climate change and population growth mean walls, balconies and roofs across Europe's cities could take on a greener complexion as food production becomes part of the urban landscape. To meet the challenges of producing food in a more environmentally-friendly way, the European Environment Agency...
Laying the foundations for sustainable construction
Reclaimed and sustainable construction materials could lead to a more eco-friendly building sector. By using such materials developers can reduce emissions and save energy. If Europe is to meet its goal of reducing emissions and energy consumption by at least 20% by 2020, the sustainability of...
Belgian Catalogue of Recycled Products goes European
Raise awareness on recycled products and make them more easily available to European potential buyers. A free European Catalogue of recycled products will soon be available.
A report from the European Commission Joint Research Centre indicates that environmental improvements in residential buildings could result in overall greenhouse gas emission reductions of 7%. The JRC IMPRO-Building report suggests that such reductions could be achieved without incurring...
SPIRE aims to inspire through resource and energy efficiency  
A major cross-sectoral partnership is planning to channel €1.4 billion in private sector research spending to resource and energy efficiency in Europe's process industries – those sectors, such as steel and cement, that transform bulk resources into products that underpin modern economies. The...
Danish municipalities roll out green business growth scheme
A project in the southern Danish municipalities of Kolding, Middelfart and Odense is demonstrating how tradesmen such as builders, plumbers and roofers can build their businesses and create jobs by better aligning their services with the European Union's energy-efficiency objectives. To do this...
Sustainable usage practices for sustainable buildings  
An EU-funded project involving partners from Belgium, France and the United Kingdom has secured a one-year extension to build awareness about how to optimally use highly energy-efficient buildings. The first stage of the The REGAIN project started in 2008, with backing from the EU INTERREG...
Study sets out basis of life-cycle sustainability assessment for buildings
Buildings have a huge environmental footprint. Their construction and use consumes about half of the extracted materials and energy used in the European Union, and is responsible for about a third of EU water consumption. Construction and demolition of buildings also generates about a third of the...