Eco-innovation INNO-Net champions eco-innovation policy

Eco-innovation INNO-Net champions eco-innovation policy

The Commission's INNO-Net on Eco-innovation will enable an exchange of ideas, and lead to common work towards transferability of good practices, benchmarking, and target setting

An initiative to build on the promising policies of Member States for the promotion of eco-innovation was announced in the May 2007 ETAP report, and discussed in detail during a number of subsequent ETAP High-Level Working groups. To ensure the development of the initiative, the Commission will launch a call for an INNO-Net on Eco-innovation, in the framework of the Competitiveness and Innovation Programme and as part of the PRO INNO Europe initiative. This will be a joint call coordinated by the Environment and Enterprise and Industry DGs. This move is intended to enable greater structure and funding for the initiative as a whole but also ensure better coordination with the other initiatives supporting innovation managed by DG Enterprise.

The 'Championing eco-innovation policy', as the Inno-Net will be called, will build on the work done under the Environmental Technologies Action Plan (ETAP) and will contribute to its further implementation. As an entity, the INNO-Net on Eco-innovation will be the responsibility of the Environment DG, and will have a budget of €3 million for three years, with a maximum Community contribution of 95% of eligible costs.

The INNO-Net on Eco-innovation is intended to achieve a number of objectives. It is hoped that it will lead to the further understanding of eco-innovation dynamics, and the role of public policy. Equally, it has been established to identify the best practices among the Member States, and is designed to facilitate their effective extension. This element of the initiative will rely on the good work carried out under the ETAP national roadmap programme, and will refer to initiatives on championing eco-innovation and any other relevant information. The INNO-Net will identify and analyse best policy practices, while also exploring ways of evaluating and benchmarking their results, implement concrete exchanges of good policy practices – pilot projects – leading to actual transfers of experience or extension of best practices.

The initiative will give special attention to three promising policy areas: green procurement; innovative waste and recycling management; and the diffusing of technologies through cross-boarder co-operation. The INNO-Net will attempt to establish how public policiesin these areas could be improved, in order to make their universal transfer successful.

Task envisaged for INNO-Net

The INNO-Net on Eco-innovation will have a number of objectives to achieve to develop further the exchange of best practices and expertise on eco-innovation. As a think tank operating in close consultation with the ETAP High-Level Group, it will provide strategic expertise on the role of public policies and actors on promoting eco-innovation, and establish a roadmap for the championing initiative, while also analysing the results of the ETAP National roadmaps.

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INNO-Nets are partnerships of national and/or regional public authorities, such as ministries or innovation agencies responsible for the implementation of innovation support programmes in Europe. Other innovation agencies or public bodies may be associated with the implementation of the actions, and INNO-Nets may be further supported by external experts on the basis of subcontracting. Above all, INNO-Nets aim to stimulate trans-national co-operation among different national or sub-national innovation programmes.

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