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United Kingdom

Bank banks on eco-innovation
One of the United Kingdom’s main banks is working on a scheme that allows entrepreneurs to use its head office to showcase their eco-innovations. The scheme could help entrepreneurs test and refine their eco-innovative products and ideas, and could help them to scale-up and find new markets. The...
Planet Mark promotes continuous carbon footprint reduction
A United Kingdom sustainability certification scheme is extending its impact beyond the companies that it certifies to provide support to the The Planet Mark is a collaboration between London-based sustainability consultancy Planet First and the Eden Project, which opened in 2001 in Cornwall,...
Hackerspaces offer bottom-up approach to the circular economy
Hackerspaces or makerspaces are local community clubs or networks that offer a location for people to meet and share tools and expertise related to the repair and design of products – usually consumer electronics. Hackerspaces have emerged in response to concerns that electronic and electrical...
Top tips for sustainable innovators
Sustainable innovation needs to be anchored in the rethinking of current business models, and eco-innovators need to be prepared for a potentially “very bloody fight” with current market leaders, according to “10 key lessons” from the latest The CfSD, based in the United Kingdom, has organised...
Innovative filtration media promises cleaner treated water
A circular-economy initiative just outside the Scottish capital of Edinburgh is making waves in water filtration by producing a highly efficient filtration media from recycled glass. The Active Filter Media (AFM), made by the company Dryden Aqua, has been so successful that its production now uses...
New tool seeks to open up sustainability horizons
An online tool has been developed by three British organisations to help companies think in more long-term and strategic terms about the challenges they face in an increasingly resource-constrained world. The tools has been created by the UK's innovation agency, the Technology Strategy Board,...
The benefits of verification  
A number of schemes are available to help eco-innovators move out of the laboratory and into the marketplace. One such scheme is offered by Isle Utilities, a British technology and innovation consultancy. Isle Utilities acts as a kind of dating agency bringing together eco-innovative technologies...
Incentivised recycling
A small British company is developing an innovative business model that will encourage the recycling and reuse of domestic appliances, such as fridges and washing machines, in exchange for loyalty points that can be used with up to 300 online retailers. EEESafe, based in Swansea, Wales, is...
UK Energy Entrepreneurs' Fund opens for business
Low-carbon entrepreneurs, in particular innovative individuals and small and medium-sized companies, could benefit from a £16 million (€20 million) call for proposals published by the British government at the end of August. The funding is available for projects that will largely be conducted in...
UK retailer declares financial benefits from eco-innovation
A top British retailer says that sustainability and eco-innovation are boosting its bottom line. One of the United Kingdom’s best-known high street retailers has said it benefited by £105 million (€134 million) in 2011-12 thanks to a range of eco-innovation and sustainability measures,...