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Recovering power from transport and motion
Capturing kinetic energy, or the energy generated by an object in motion, could prove to be an alternative to energy from traditional sources, such as fossil fuels, in energy efficient systems. Kinetic energy recovery is already used in, for example, Formula 1 motor racing, where the energy...
Waste not, want not
A Portuguese company has been recognised for its waste management software – an example of how modern technology can make environmental services more efficient. Compta Emerging Business, headquartered in historic Évora in southern-central Portugal, received in September a Green Projects Award...
Online waste exchange schemes redistribute reusable resources
Portuguese waste operators will soon be able to trade non-toxic waste through an electronic marketplace. This will give companies the chance to benefit from the reuse of waste. A law passed by the Portuguese government in September 2009 paved the way for an electronic marketplace to trade waste...