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Company turns insect-based biorefining into reality
A French company that farms insects has gone from incubation in 2011 to the construction of a full-scale demonstration biorefinery in late 2015. On the way, the company, Ynsect, has collected a number of eco-innovation awards and serious financial backing, including a €2 million investment from...
Investors to assess climate risk in France
Large companies are increasingly required to report on their greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental impacts. But a new law – an amendment to France's Energy Transition Law – makes France the first country to introduce mandatory climate reporting for investors, though similar ideas have...
Innovation prize boost for bacteria-based eco start-ups
A French start-up that plans to use natural bioluminescence in street lighting and shop-front displays has scooped an eco-innovation prize from the city of Paris Innovation Grand Prix. The award, which was handed out at a ceremony in Paris in December 2015, earned the small company, Glowee, a prize...
Alternative economy shopping centre planned for Dijon, France  
A new type of shopping centre that aims to address both environmental and social concerns is being planned for the eastern French city of Dijon. Known as the “Cité de l’autre économie,” or city of the alternative economy, the centre is expected to open in 2016. The “Cité de l’autre économie”...
Solar-powered electric mobility  
A French company is potentially making the roll-out of electric mobility in European cities easier by offering a suite of “SunPods”, or vehicle recharging points powered by solar energy. In doing so, the company, Nice-based ADVANSOLAR, is building on recent developments that have been seen...
Rhône-Alpes region offers funding one-stop-shop for eco-innovative SMEs
A group of French public authorities and institutions is finding that, when it comes to supporting eco-innovative SMEs, there is strength in unity. Together, the organisations seek to stimulate investment by eco-innovative SMEs by providing a one-stop-shop for project finance. INNOV'R publishes...
Suez Environnement launches Blue Orange for start-ups
French water and waste giant Suez Environnement has created a €50 million investment fund to help eco-innovative start-ups develop their products and get them onto the market. Large enterprises can be useful partners to small start-ups was one lesson from the 9th ETAP Forum on Eco-innovation. “...
Renault targets zero emissions in Moroccan car plant
French carmaker Renault is creating the world’s first zero emissions factory on the outskirts of Tangier in Morocco, reflecting a company-wide commitment to environmental respect. Renault committed in 1995 to reducing significantly the environmental impact of vehicle manufacturing. Its cradle-...
Finding biodegradable solutions for waterless car washing
A French company with a social vision has developed a biodegradable waterless product for washing cars. Essential oils and plant extracts have so far saved 40 million litres of water. Headquartered in Lille, SINEO has enjoyed rapid growth since it was founded in 2004. Today, it has centres in...
Recycling lithium-ion batteries to recuperate hazardous heavy metals
The LIFE-funded RecLionBat project developed a technique to treat spent lithium-ion batteries – mainly used in portable electronic devices – which recoups cobalt and nickel. Rechargeable lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries power many electronic devices, such as mobile phones, laptop computers and...