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Major packaging users seek ways to cut resource consumption
Danish brewing multinational Upcycling is the conversion of used materials into materials of equivalent or better quality. The Carlsberg initiative, the Carlsberg Circular Community, will address the need for greater resource efficiency and reuse in its packaging by seeking Cradle-to-Cradle (...
CO2-scrubbing innovation offers benefits to brewers
A Danish company is in the process of patenting an innovative carbon-dioxide scrubbing technology that could produce environmental and financial benefits for the brewing industry. The technology was developed in 2006 by The technology allows CO2 produced during brewing to be captured and...
Treating wastewater locally
Wastewater treatment could be made more efficient by decentralising it, according to Danish company Grundfos. A small-scale, mobile wastewater treatment plant developed by Grundfos is being installed and tested in small municipalities to demonstrate the flexibility that decentralised wastewater...
Danish heating sector sets 2030 as date for carbon neutrality
Denmark’s heating sector could be carbon neutral by 2030 according to a report from the Danish District Heating Association. ‘Heat Plan Denmark’ also sets out the steps needed to achieve this. Since 1980, annual CO2 emissions from heating in Denmark have reduced by 25 kg/m2 to 10 kg/m2 of floor...