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Fuel from waste gas technology to be rolled-out in Belgium
Multinational steel-making giant ArcelorMittal is experimenting with a process to turn an industrial byproduct from its operations into ethanol that can be used in transport fuel. The initiative, which will be rolled-out by the company at its steel plant in Ghent, Belgium, could reduce carbon...
Belgian fish farm takes up the sustainable aquaculture challenge
Over-exploitation of the oceans means that meeting current demand for fish by taking from the wild is unrealistic. To sustainably produce fish there will have to be more reliance on aquaculture. The scale of the challenge was illustrated by a 2014 World Bank report 1 that found that by 2030, 62%...
Ecover claims two eco-innovation firsts
Belgium's The first first is the development and use of algal oil as a substitute for palm oil in Ecover laundry liquid. Palm oil is widely used in many products, but is associated with clearance of tropical forest and its replacement with palm plantations. Ecover claims that algal oil is a...
Project encourages companies to ponder their environmental resilience
The project is based on the idea that resilience and sustainability will be the two major features of tomorrow's successful companies.  The project has developed a Sustainable and Strategic Eco-innovation Toolkit to help SMEs think about their long-term sustainability. To test the toolkit,...
Let there be light
A young Belgian company is combining technological innovation with financial innovation to create sustainable benefits from a natural resource that is available to everyone: daylight. EcoNation, established in 2009 in Ghent, has developed the...
New business model for sustainable freight  
TRI-VIZOR encourages companies to pool their transport and logistics capacities, generating both environmental and financial benefits. Freight transportation in Europe is massively inefficient. Less than half of the cargo capacity trundling along European roads each day is actually utilised....
Researching microbes to capture and store industrial CO2
Belgian SME Biomim-Greenloop has set up a European research project into accelerated natural bio-based alternatives for carbon capture and storage in energy-intensive industries. Billions of euro in public funding are pouring into carbon capture and storage (CCS) demonstration projects across...
Flemish SME recounts pros and cons of going European
OWS has contributed to eco-innovation research since 1993 with cutting-edge facilities winning it a place in EU projects but policymakers do not always share its views on innovation. Belgian SME OWS – Organic Waste Systems – was founded in 1988 and now has 75 employees and annual sales of €10...
Brussels forum focuses on improving funding efficiency for eco-innovators
The 9th ETAP Forum in Brussels focused on improving understanding between companies, financiers and policymakers to ensure greater support for eco-innovative entrepreneurs in Europe. ‘Financing the eco-innovators’ was the theme of the 9th European Forum on Eco-Innovation, which attracted nearly...
Ecover pioneers use of sugar-cane-based plastics for more sustainable packaging
Belgian manufacturer Ecover is developing sugar cane-based polyethylene for use in packaging. This renewable plastic has the potential to reduce the company’s environmental impact. Over the last 30 years, Ecover has become a global leader in the production of environmentally-friendly cleaning...