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Recovering power from transport and motion
Capturing kinetic energy, or the energy generated by an object in motion, could prove to be an alternative to energy from traditional sources, such as fossil fuels, in energy efficient systems. Kinetic energy recovery is already used in, for example, Formula 1 motor racing, where the energy...
Austrian procurement of wastewater system earns praise
Austria's Federal Procurement Agency has gained Europe-wide recognition for innovation-friendly use of public procurement. In October 2015, the agency picked up a Public Procurement of Innovation award from the Procurement of Innovation Platform. By using their purchasing power to choose...
New business model for sustainable freight  
TRI-VIZOR encourages companies to pool their transport and logistics capacities, generating both environmental and financial benefits. Freight transportation in Europe is massively inefficient. Less than half of the cargo capacity trundling along European roads each day is actually utilised....
Let the train take the strain
The Dutch railway operator is retrofitting its intercity train fleet to make it more efficient. Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS), the railway operator in the Netherlands, is improving the environmental performance of 50 of its intercity trains through a retrofitting programme that will be completed...
One eco-innovation enables another
The scaling-up of sustainable, high-tech dyeing technology is the focus of an ongoing European Commission funded project aimed at strengthening SMEs in the colour textile industry. A consortium of universities, small companies and large players in the energy and transport sectors from five...
Producing omega-3s – with algae
A newly designed system for the cultivation of algae has highlighted the commercial potential for a range of algae-derived products; above all, production of omega-3 fatty acids. The Austrian-based biotech company Ecoduna is poised to bring industrial-scale algae production to the mainstream...
End-of-life aircraft recycling offers high grade materials
TARMAC Aerosave is exploiting an innovative system for the smart dismantling and recycling of end-of-life aircraft. It targets the 6,000 aircraft due to retire over the next 15 years. The launch of the Airbus A300 in the early 1970s revolutionised aircraft manufacturing, demonstrating cost and...
On the road to sustainable vehicles
Global carmakers are increasing efforts to improve the sustainability of their vehicles by incorporating recycled materials to meet environmental regulations and consumer demands. Car manufacturers have recognised the importance of improving the sustainability of their vehicles, both in terms...