Business and Investments


Dutch architects call for support for recycled island idea
A Dutch architectural practice has drawn up the blueprint for a “recycled island” that will make use of waste recovered from the marine environment to construct floating living spaces. The firm, WHIM Architecture, believes that the concept could be useful in low lying countries – such as the...
Towards resource efficiency via business model innovation
The modern consumer economy has a fundamental flaw that promotes unsustainable consumption: the more companies sell, the more they earn. Turntoo, a Dutch company, has been building its business model based on an alternative system in which products are not sold by the producer to the consumer, but...
Promoting investment in sustainability: Green Funds
Thousands of projects – from environmentally-friendly greenhouses and wind turbines, to organic farming and afforestation – have been implemented in the Netherlands with the support of a private investment scheme: the Green Funds Scheme. Launched in 1995, the scheme is an innovative way of...
Let the train take the strain
The Dutch railway operator is retrofitting its intercity train fleet to make it more efficient. Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS), the railway operator in the Netherlands, is improving the environmental performance of 50 of its intercity trains through a retrofitting programme that will be completed...
Conjuring water out of air
Innovator Dutch Rainmaker has married wind-turbine technology with water production and purification expertise to create a sustainable method for extracting water from air. The idea of collecting water from air is not new. However, Friesland-based Dutch Rainmaker was attracted to the idea of...
World's first mine-water power station opens in Heerlen
The EU-supported Minewater project opened the world's first mine-water power station in the Netherlands in October 2008 to highlight the geothermal energy potential of water in old mines. Minewater set out to develop a geothermal power station exploiting water in abandoned mines in the town of...