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Contract & Finance

From the contract negotiation to the reception of payments, this section gives access to the official documents, guidelines and models necessary at each step of the process when managing an eco-innovation project.

Negotiating the contract

Once the project has been selected for funding, the management cycle kicks off. Before the project can start and first payments can be made, the contract needs to be negotiated and signed.

Implementing the project

The implementation of projects is closely monitored by the EASME on behalf of the European Commission to ensure that projects realise their full potential. During the implementation process the projects submit three types of reports. The interim and final reports must include a financial report.


Coordinators: please note that from June 2014 you do not have to send paper versions of technical reports anymore. Instead, you should use the Participants' Portal for submitting them electronically. Please read carefully the following guide: Reports and deliverables submission simplification step by step pdf - 2 MB [2 MB]

Please update your project information in the Eco-innovation projects database. The information that you provide is the signboard of your eco-innovative solutions. Please use the tool to promote your ideas, project and products. Eco-innovation projects do have a high reputation. The database will give you extra publicity and help to network with other projects.

The database page will replace the Project Information Sheet that you have to send us regularly.
Update the projects' database according to the schedule foreseen for the Project Information Sheet in the Annex 1 of Grant Agreement.
Please submit pdf version of the project web page from the projects' database instead of the Project Information Sheet as part of the regular deliverables submission process.

To start editing your project information in the database, please follow the instructions pdf - 322 KB [322 KB] .


Budget transfer and amendments

  • Amendment request excel8book - 96 KB [96 KB] (last update October 2014)
    This template and its instructions will help you to proceed with an amendment in your project. Please complete the first worksheet and include the documents as requested on the second worksheet.
  • Budget transfer guidelines msw8 - 696 KB [696 KB] (last update November 2013)
    These templates and instructions will help you and shall be used to request budget transfers in your project:


Receiving payments

Have a look at our projects database EU Eco-innovation Action Plan

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