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The main goal of the Project is the design and construction of a recycling and purification line of polyvinyl butiral (PVB) from end of life vehicles’ windscreens. This line is based on a patent developed by Technological Centre Lurederra which enables to separate small pieces of glass from PVB - this results in a PVB product with similar characteristics as the commercial PVB.. The recycling capacity is up to 350 tonnes per year in order to treat and recycle the volume of waste PVB generated by almost 20 million of people. The project provides a process to recover, and in consequence reuse, the PVB from windscreens. This process starts with the separation of the glass and the PVB, procedure that is normally used in the glass recovery. The separation method will be optimised during the project to fulfil the requirements for the further purification. Next, a purification process will be developed where the contaminants will be removed from the PVB. Finally, the PVB obtained will be processed and reused in order to satisfy the commercial characteristics. The PVB will be processed to obtain the pellets for sale.


This project will create a clean alternative for environmental management, of car glass waste material. Resources will be saved and waste reduced.


  • As some of the most innovative issues of the project, the following could be mentioned: o To construct an innovative separation system providing a more efficient mechanism for removing glass from PVB. The system to be developed will be based on the redesign and construction of an improved roller-based fragmentation machine. Consequently, the glass will be better fragmented, improving its separation.
  • To construct a pioneering PVB purification system based on the patent WO2009/118426A1 developed by Lurederra. The system, composed of two reactors with an industrial capacity, will solve the problem of windscreen recycling by providing a method to separate the glass which was impossible to remove by the conventional glass-PVB separation systems.
  • The main result to derive from the execution of this project is an innovative recycling line which will recover not only the glass but also the PVB and which will be capable to recycle the windscreens disposed in the north of Spain, processing an amount of 350 tonnes of PVB per year.
  • This project will contribute to finding a practical solution to an important global issue like the car glass waste problem. In fact, consequences of the present project will reach several points including quality of life, employment, education, etc. The quality of life will be enhanced due to a decrease in waste landfill disposal and raw material consumption, helping to preserve natural ecosystems. Also air pollution will be diminished through decrease in PVB incineration.

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Technological Centre Lurederra
Área Industrial Perguita, C/A Nº1 31120
Los Arcos, Navarra
31210 Los Arcos, Navarra Comunidad Foral de Navarra
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Mr Claudio –Fernandez


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01/04/2011 to 31/03/2014
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