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Market Umbrella for the utilisation of low grade grease sheep wool as organic soil amendment and fertiliser (VALUE4WOOL)

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Low grade sheep wool has no use and needs to be disposed of and that costs money! Uncleaned sheep wool is very rich on nutrients. The sheep wool has: 10-12% N and 4-6% K2O For logistical reasons and as a fertilizer wool fleeces are not suitable. Therefore, we process the wool into pellets which are better to dose and to store. Furthermore, it is possible to sell the pellets on market: They are an ecological fertilizer and improve the soil. Additionally the pellets are able to hold 3 times their weight in water. The release of the nutrients takes place over a long period. One fertilization is enough for a period of growth. There are about 90 million sheep in the European Union, producing 270.000,- tons of wool. An estimated 10% (27.000,- tons) is low grade coarse wool and needs to be disposed. We are convinced, that we can realize our idea in other European Countries, because the demand for organic fertilizers and soil amendment is increasing. So we are creating regional cycles for purchasing of wool, producing and selling of floraPell® in European areas based on a mobile structure.


Giving a new usage to waste wool


  • Production of 300 t fertilizer per year
  • - Reduction of the productions costs by using another pelletizing matrix with a lower extrusion ratio and by waiving a technological step(drying). This enabled us to reduce production costs in half. The product so produced shall be provided especially for professional use. The product has the same properties of fertilizers, but has a lower strength.
  • Initiation of clusters for purchasing, producing and selling of floraPell®. The project partners are the base for initiation of clusters. There are contacts relating to purchasing, producing and selling to companies/ persons from: Slovakia, Netherlands, France, Greece, Romania, Albania, Bosnia and Italia. More are targeted.
  • Applying for national or European certification/ permission. The product floraPell® is approved for the market in Germany and Austria. floraPell® is listed in the resource list (FIBL) for organic farming in Germany. According to EU regulation 764/2008 the free trade of the product is allowed in the EU countries.
  • Protection of intellectual properties in the most important countries. The company ifn Anwenderzentrum GmbH owns a utility model, or small patent on producing the pellets. This IPR protects the pellets and production technology on German markets only. Moreover the trademark has been registered. There no protection possible on European level.

Partners and coordinator

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IfN Anwenderzentrum GmbH
Finsterwalder 57
01979 LauchhammerBrandenburg
Contact point: 
Manfred Lanzke


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Food and Drink
01/11/2012 to 30/04/2015
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