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Tyre Wire in Concrete Leading to Environmental Sustainability (TWINCLETOES)

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The TWINCLETOES project seeks to replace significant volumes of new steel fibre with recycled fibres, thereby making concrete construction more environmentally sustainable and reducing the huge stockpiles of contaminated steel around Europe. For this aim to be achieved the existing manual batch process for fibre cleaning and sorting needs to be upgraded to a fully automated and integrated in-line facility. Visualisation equipment needs to be manufactured for measuring fibres coming from the sorting process in real time to ensure quality. A mobile facility needs to be designed and manufactured for processing stockpiles of dirty steel around Europe. Existing machinery for dispersing the recycled fibres in to fresh ready-mix concrete needs to be modified to accommodate recycled fibres. Detailed LCA making use of actual data obtained from on-going monitoring of the new facilities needs to be undertaken. Finally, design guidance needs to be developed and disseminated to concrete contractors, designers and specifiers and the process for cleaning and sorting recycled fibres needs to be disseminated to the tyre recycling community in order to speed up replication of the process around Europe.


Make concrete construction more environmentally sustainable and reduce stockpiles of contaminated steel around Europe.


  • Target annual outputs for processed recycled tyre steel fibres are 2,000 tonnes by the end of the project rising to 6,000 tonnes within 2 years.
  • Once established, further replication of the process around Europe to meet anticipated demand will be possible. The worldwide market for fibre reinforced concrete is about 3-4 times that for Europe so considerable export potential also exists for both the fibres and for the industrial equipment developed in this project for their manufacture, measurement and dispersal.

Partners and coordinator

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Twincon Limited
Leavy Greave Road 40
South Yorkshire
S3 7RD
United Kingdom
Contact point: 
Dr Peter Waldron
+44 750 5555 883


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21/08/2012 to 20/08/2015
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