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Breakthrough Water Spray System for Front loading washing machines (SPRAY)

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The project is delivering to the market the technical and economical solution of the SPRAY technology for a consistent water reduction in front loading washing machines. The principle of the SPRAY technology is to use the water much more effective than compared to standard application, without compromising main performance attributes. An innovative hydraulic system allows to spray water directly to the laundry by the help of a specially developed high efficiency nozzle. The innovative idea behind Spray technology is to fill in only the water that is needed for the wash process by an improved water distribution. The reduction of water is also translated in a reduction of detergent and energy used to heat. Specific hardware and the correct software to control the spray process, adapted to load sizes, fiber types and other potential settings and usages, were developed during the project. The best performing production process already available between Whirlpool EMEA factories was optimized for the mass production and a Life Cycle Assessment was performed showing very good results.The SPRAY washing machine is available on the 24 European markets starting from March 2015 with Whirlpool and Bauknecht brands.The results obtained in the project are shared in the revision process of the Energy Label regulation and the Ecodesign Regulation on household washing machines, coordinated by the European Commission's Directorate General for the Environment.


Water Savings, Energy Savings, Detergent Use Reduction, Wash Performance, Rinse Performance


  • Outstanding savings in water and energy;
  • Detergent saving;
  • Commercialization of the innovative SPRAY system as water and energy saver technology;
  • Mass production optimized;
  • Market replication of the novel eco-innovative solution;
  • Full dissemination of project’s results towards increased awareness on water and energy savings solution on the home appliance sector;
  • Raised interest in project results on policy makers.

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Whirlpool R&D srl
via A. Moro snc
21024 Cassinetta di Biandronno (VA) Lombardia
Contact point: 
Santacatterina Gianpiero
+39 0332 758967


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01/08/2012 to 31/12/2014
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