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Eco-innovation in steelmaking: a new system for 100% recycling of electric-arc furnace slag (SLAG-REC)

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The SLAG-REC project aims at realising a new system for slag recycling and also introducing it to the market through a mix of market preparation activities targeting electric-arc furnace operators in Europe. The project activities will be executed through the strategic collaboration of three partner enterprises: the steelmaker (inventor and first applier of the new system), the engineering specialist and the machinery constructor. The output of the innovative slag treating system is a product which can perfectly substitute the actually used natural sand and gravel – not renewable natural resources – for example in road construction without any risk of swelling. By use of this system an enormous quantity of slag deriving from steelmaking can be saved from simple dumping - in Europe 12 million tons/year are actually dumped! - by transformation in a re-usable prime material.


An innovative system can transform electric-arc furnace slag in a re-usable prime material to be used for example in road construction.


  • By the end of the project the expected results are: 1)the first applied system constructed and validated in ASO Siderurgica Srl; 2)a business model for European electric-arc furnace operators which analyses the costs and benefits of the investment in the new system.
  • On the long run: 1)minor use of natural resources for road construction and their substitution with recycled EAF slag; 2)minor quantity of electric-arc furnace slag dumped and minor costs of slag handling; - greener steelmaking sector.

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ASO Siderurgica Srl
122 Via Seriola
25035 Ospitaletto Lombardia
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Roberti, Roberto


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27/06/2009 to 26/06/2011
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