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Recovery of Electronic Waste through Advanced Recycling and Demonstration (REWARD)

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Europe generates 12 Million tons per year of waste from electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE). Only a fraction is recycled (different sources vary from 10-50% depending on category). The EU WEEE Directive stimulates improved reuse, recycling and recovery (RRR), the project will demonstrate how to boost RRR to 95% (based on collected volumes), through better size reduction, smart sensor sorting, advanced density separation and improved recovery techniques. A total of 12 major full scale technical unit processes in sequence will be tested to generate 18 fractions of high purity materials. It is the purpose of REWARD to present a design for a new prototype facility for the generation of recyclable products from WEEE with high added value to substitute virgin primary materials and to decrease dependency on imports. These improved technologies are required for increased internal EU utilization of discarded e-wastes, reduced environmental and human health impacts from disposed hazardous materials and reduced export of dangerous materials to developing countries.


Increased recycling and recovery of WEEE polymers, metals (including precious metals, rare metals and rare earths elements). Reduced negative environmental impact through improved mild size reduction and improved separation with o.a. sensor sorters. Generation of high quality material fractions.


  • Increased recycling and recovery of electronic waste up to 95%. Generation of 18 high quality metal and polymer fractions as secondary materials. Recycling of FR polymers. The technologies are stimulated by the enhanced application of advanced sensor sorting and density separation technologies. The impact is a better closing of material cycles to reduce waste generation. Application of the new technologies could create an additional market of 4.8 Billion Euro.

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Promikron B.V.
29 Gerbrandylaan
2625 LP DelftZuid-Holland
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Ir Jan van Houwelingen


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01/08/2009 to 31/07/2012
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