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Bringing recycled fiber products to market based on composites waste (RECYCLED FIBER)

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The idea behind the project is new and innovative and it represents an environmentally friendly alternative to users of composites. In addition, the project adds value to the composites waste problem as it will reduce waste going to landfills as well as reduce carbon foot print. The short-term goal of the project is to transform the successful results into a viable European business that can handle the majority of the European waste. The long-term perspective is to handle waste worldwide. The key objective of this project is to challenge the existing composites industry by introducing products made from recycled fibers that can replace virgin fibers. The target group will be users of composites in various industries e.g. automotive and building/construction. The project will test material etc. in its plant in Denmark and this will take place from ultimo 2013 to medio 2016.


There are several environmental benefits connected to this project: (1) Reduction of waste to landfills, and (2) reduction of carbon foot print.


  • Sufficient large groups of customers have agreed to use recycled fibers instead of virgin fibers and the fibers are documented according to legal and customer requirements.
  • The potential to use the fibers for new building products has been demonstrated.
  • The waste shipping, handling, and storing system has been established according to relevant regulations and to optimize cost and carbon footprint.
  • The production process has been scaled up – a new production site able to handle up to 12.000 tons composites waste has been established.
  • The project has demonstrated a potential to reduce European landfilling with up to 40.000 tons of which 12.000 tons can be handled from the new plant established in the project.

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Ucomposites ApS
2100 COPENHAGENHovedstaden


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01/11/2013 to 30/06/2016
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