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Safe Drinking Water from Harvested Rain Water (RAINSAFE)

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The purpose of the project is to bring the RainSafe™ machine, which treats harvested rain water to drinking water standards by means of UV and Ozone sanitisation with pre and post filtration to the worldwide market. By relying on completely natural methods of water treatment and ensuring an efficient running model, the RainSafe™ provides an affordable and viable decentralised water management solution. Implementation of the project will allow a reduced reliance on traditional water extraction, treatment and distribution models which are costly from an energy, capital and chemical/environmental perspective. Harvesting rainwater at source provides additional benefits in the areas of pollution control and storm water management. Project partners were selected with a view to eliminating significant barriers to the market. These barriers are identified as being in the areas of product certification, distribution, manufacturing and water testing/environmental assessment. Two of the partners will also host demonstration sites to assist with on-going product assessment and dissemination of product information. Additional host locations will be identified for further demonstration sites.


The RainSafe™ treats harvested rain water, well water or municipal water to bottled water standards by means of UV and Ozone sanitisation combined with filtration. Using only natural treatment methods, this affordable appliance which is also economical to run will benefit consumers by offering a viable solution for decentralised water management. It also offers the potential for water utility companies to reduce chemical usage and reduce stress on their distribution networks. 


  • The RainSafe™ market launch took place in September 2016 and the product has been very well received with sales growing month on month. A number of distribution agreements have been signed with partners in Germany, Belgium, South Africa and Ireland. The coordinator has also signed a contract to supply a Global Water treatment system company with RainSafe™ devices under an OEM deal which covers EMEA and Australia.
  • In September 2016, the new RainSafe™ was certified by KIWA and achieved the CE product mark. Certification work for the French, UK and American markets is also expected to complete in early 2017. The RainSafe™ is the only domestic water treatment system to have full certification to KIWA and NSF 55 standards.
  • The RainSafe™ was successfully tested in longitudinal studies at 5 demonstration sites which covered small, medium and large scale applications and the results were evaluated by our partners in the University of Exeter. The RainSafe™ was found to be completely effective in producing water of potable quality to the standards required by the Drinking Water Directive. Thousands of additional tests carried out by the coordinator backed these findings up. All testing was carried out by independent, certified laboratories.
  • In the summer of 2016, pre-launch machines were tested in 6 homes and businesses in Ireland. Another machine is under evaluation with a UK water utility company currently. Prototypes of a modified RainSafe™ design are also under evaluation by Irish poultry farmers and early results in animal health are very promising.
  • LCA and LCC analysis was carried out by the University of Exeter and key learnings have been captured in the product development roadmap. Recent testing of a production machine has demonstrated a 43% improvement in energy consumption when compared with the Exeter machine. LCC results show significant savings in the cost of water production using a RainSafe™. Research was also conducted comparing the RainSafe with the costs of bottled water production and results were very favourable.
  • Dissemination materials prepared by the consortium include product leaflets, presentations, posters, videos and pop-up banners. These will continue to be used at events to promote the RainSafe™ product and disseminate knowledge of the project. The website is currently undergoing a rebuild to reflect the move to the commercial phase of the project.

Partners and coordinator

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Ozone Industries Ireland Ltd
Unit 2, Newtown Business and Enterprise Park
Newtownmountkennedy, Co. Wicklow Southern and Eastern
Contact point: 
Ms. Bebhinn Daly


In brief

01/10/2013 to 30/09/2016
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