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Process for Upgrade and Recovery Of Polyphenol Extracts (PUReOPE)

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The PUReOPE project, led by FDT Consulting Engineers (IE) with Partner CPL Scientific (UK), provides a unique and innovative methodology for the extraction of high-value polyphenol compounds from process waste in in the food and beverage industry, including brewing, distilling, malting and cereals processing. It provides an environmental benefit by reducing effluent volumes and treatment requirements and also a further economic benefit by recovering water and caustic suitable for re-use. It provides valuable compounds from natural resources, which can be used in a range of industries, including healthcare and food processing. An industrial scale demonstrator is being set up with the goal of producing commercial grade polyphenols from source material at two typical sites - brewing and distilling.  The consortium is currently addressing regulatory, technical, financing, source site business case, and manufacturing and support barriers, which may limit the take up of the innovation, in order to exploit potential markets across Europe and worldwide.  Life Cycle Analysis will confirm the environmental benefits of PUReOPE.Results are being disseminated via attendance at events, electronically and hard copy publications. 


Expected benefits are:
  • Production of a range of high value polyphenols, which can replace synthetically derived products.
  • Reduction in energy required to treat processing residues from the target sectors.
  • Savings in water, chemicals and energy and consequent reduction in environmental impact of source sites in the Food and Beverage sectors across Europe. 


The main result expected from this project is the achievement of a commercial process and supply chain able to recover and sell high value polyphenol compounds from process waste streams in the food and beverage sectors. The PUReOPE process will be provided as a modular skid with a small footprint, which can be sited near the waste output streams of processing facilities. The refined polyphenols will be supplied to various market channels, including food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and others. Long-term, other source sectors, outside of food and beverage, will be assessed in terms of the polyphenol content of their waste streams.

Partners and coordinator

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FDT Consulting Engineers & Project Managers Ltd
Beaumont Avenue Unit 1
Contact point: 
Michael Clancy
+353 12960022


In brief

Food and Drink
16/07/2014 to 15/01/2017
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