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Environmental Metal Monitoring Solution for heavy industries (EnviMon)

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The EnviMon project has developed and is in the process of commercializing a water monitoring solution that is capable of detecting metal concentrations. The solution is directed at heavy industries that use large quantities of water in their processes, like mining and extraction, metal manufacturing and pulp and paper manufacturing. The solution also meets the needs of environmental authorities who carry out water monitoring. The automated solution for continuous monitoring of metals in aquatic systems and industrial discharge waters is capable of operating in any weather condition and sending emergency alarms as well as generating environmental reports from a centralised databank. The low maintenance, low energy consumption solution helps industries to reduce metal emissions to nature, and thus increase productivity and gain economic savings. The project’s activities have consisted of technical development of monitoring stations, enhancing a data management system with new functionalities and testing of existing metal sensors/analysers. The solution has been submitted to long field tests in the Nordic countries. Information about the solution has been actively disseminated at different events and by presentations for potential clients in the countries chosen in project’s market study.


  1. Less manual activities required due to automatization in water sampling, analysis and reporting
  2. Possibility to adjust upstream processes based on metal monitoring and gain faster process optimization
  3. Possibility to decrease emissions via improved process control
  4. Possibility to reduce significantly the cost of monitoring industrial waste water
  5. Easy access to and sharing of data over the internet
  6. Increased safety for people and environment through early warning alerts and alarms


EnviMon has resulted in:
  • An automated water monitoring solution that can be used by heavy industries and municipalities for waste water monitoring, and environmental authorities for continuous detection of metal concentrations and other harmful substances in natural waters
  • Pilot installations for testing and validating long-term functionality in harsh Nordic conditions
  • A solution that enables decreasing emissions by at least 20-40% and lowering the discharge water purification and monitoring costs
  • Increased awareness of the automated water monitoring solution amongst the project’s target groups

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EHP-Tekniikka Ltd.
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01/07/2014 to 30/06/2017
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