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Cyprobell - Grey Water Recycling Plant (CYPROBELL)

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- The specific objective of this project is to increase the reuse of grey water using the Cybrobell Grey Water Recycling System in Cyprus, and in other EU countries that face similar drought problems. - The System collects grey water, which is then processed chemically and the end product is stored, ready to be used where necessary. The quality of the end product that comes out of the system is such that allows the use of the treated water for irrigation and flushing of the WCs. - The cost of such a treatment plant, fully automatic, for a household with a production of 1 cubic meter per day is €3.000. Studies have shown that the drinking water saved is approximately 4 times cheaper than the same amount of drinking water supplied to the same town, from new projects. - In addition, the advantage of recycling of grey water, in comparison with the treatment of sewage effluents from the central sewage systems, is that this is done in the building itself from which the grey water comes from. Hence, this water is used again, for the needs of the same building. In this way, true saving of drinking water is accomplished, at residential areas where there is shortage of water.


Onsite grey water recycling. The difference with the existing water recycling systems is that they have a limited and fixed capacity and are about 3 times more expensive than Cyprobell.


  • The main output of the project will be the increase of the recycled / reused grey water. This will proportionally increase the amounts of drinking water available for the public reducing the need for costly projects, such as storage facilities, desalination and the importing of drinking water from other countries.
  • The main result indicators would be the number of installed systems, the number of systems proposed by architects and engineers – and actually installed and finally a calculation of the estimated water saved based on the capacity of the installed systems.
  • -Project Target is an installed capacity of 70000 litres per day.
  • We want to see an increase of awareness in the public, especially engineers and architects.
  • Exploitation of project results in EU and Mediterranean countries

Partners and coordinator

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Hydranos Ltd
P.O. Box 23699
1685 NicosiaΚύπρος / Kýpros
Contact point: 
Kambanellas, Chrysostomos
+357 99 378117


In brief

01/08/2009 to 31/07/2011
Contract number: 

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