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CO2 capture and nutrients recycling using a patented algae system for bio-fertilizer production (COFERT)

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COFERT project targets on the implementation of global algae based process able to capture, sequester and recycle the CO2 from biogas plants and demonstrate that this technology is ready for the market.The process is based on the ability of microalgae to capture CO2 via photosynthesis in the presence of sunlight in symbiosis with a bacterial consortium capable of oxidizing H2S (biogas contaminant) using the photosynthetically produced O2 (BFC patent). The CO2 absorbed is then converted into biomass in a High Rate Algae Pond, using the digestate produced as nutrients source (N, K, P). A dried algae biomass is obtained ready to extract the high added value products out with the use of a green solvent. A plant hormone and a bio-fertilizer or bio-stimulator from the algae biomass is produced.The work programme extends over 3 years, in 3 main stages of interconnected actions such as management, technical activities and dissemination activities.


The achievement of a global algae based process able to capture, sequester and recycle CO2 from biogas plants and produce a high-quality bio-fertilizer


  • A low-cost alternative for biogas-conditioning process which allows using it in new applications
  • A recycling CO2 process in biogas plants for growing algae biomass in a zero emission process with no by-products generation
  • An Energy efficient and easily up-scalable technology
  • Maximum utilization of the algae biomass as source of high value products and suitable recycling of resources (nutrients -N,P,K- and water)
  • The production of a plant hormone and a bio-fertilizer from the algae biomass

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BFC, Biogas Fuel Cell S.A
Urbanización Parque Colonia, 107
33203 Gijón Principado de Asturias
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Dr. Antonio Dominguez


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01/10/2013 to 30/09/2016
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