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Construction Industry Apllications using Recycled Materials (CIARM)

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The 30 month CIARM project allows the co-ordinator C2M (UK) Ltd to create the first true 100% recycled construction board from recycled waste. The Recycled Glass Hybrid (R.G.Htm) board will be produced by a new manufacturing facility based in the UK. The project partners will aim to exhibit the unique properties of the R.G.Htm board across Europe with demonstrations of the material and its applications. The project will use 144 tonnes of combined waste producing boards with a carbon footprint of 278g C02e compared to 12,000g CO2e for current plasterboards. However, once the board is validated, the company has the ability to make a serious impact on the current waste stream in the next five years. The company also intends to license the manufacturing process allowing partner countries to produce the boards using their own waste, thus reducing the carbon footprint further. The project once concluded will provide each partner with an opportunity to exploit the need within the building trade for green alternatives, thus allowing each company to flourish creating jobs and wealth across the European Union. A continuous improvement program will ensure the best results for the project.


This project offers the building industry with the first construction board produced from 100% recycled waste, allowing the waste stream to be reduced


  • Successful production of comparative building boards from the new material RGHtm
  • Validation of the material with accreditation for use within the construction industry
  • To demonstrate the material and its applications throughout the partner countries and the EU
  • Turn a waste into a resource by processing 4830T pa in year 4 of recycled waste into RGHtm
  • Achieve a market share of 0.5% by year 5 of the EU plasterboard market with the RGHtm board

Partners and coordinator

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Gear House, Saltmeadows Road
Northumberland and Tyne and Wear
United Kingdom
Contact point: 
Mr. Gary Thompson
+44 (0)808 186 4827


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01/12/2011 to 31/07/2014
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