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Innovative Continuous Flow Integrative Sampler for Pharmaceutical Compounds Detection (CFIS-ECOPHARMA)

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The objective of this project is to obtain a more efficient and accurate device (CFIS-ECOPHARMA) to sample Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs), especially Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products as Pollutants (PPSPs) and pesticides in water, based on the use of solid absorbents and their analysis. The system will be implemented in three different demo areas carefully selected for their different physic-chemistry characteristics (two in Spain and one in the United Kingdom).The analysis will be performed in drinking water, hospital water and fish farm sea and fresh water.This will allow control of the quality of water based on average representative values, taking into account fluctuations in concentration due to discharges of short duration. A “marketable” solution that offers greater efficiency and contribute to reduce environmental impact of pharmaceutical compounds in water will be developed, while enhancing competitiveness of the environmental sector and technology.


Reduction of environmental costs, wastewater management prevention, persistent and toxic compounds reduction and other environmental benefits


The sampling campaigns started in late July 2015 in Ardtoe demo site, and in late September in FRD and EMALCSA demo sites, in accordance with the protocols and schedules previously defined (D1.8 report).The results of the first sampling campaigns in the three demo sites allowed us to conclude on the water quality and the performances of the CFIS. They also allowed us to plan corrective measures for the reduction of the contamination of the sampled waters, of which the results will be evaluated during the next campaigns.According to the feedbacks of the first sampling campaigns, modifications of the closing system of the CFIS are being assessed. This would make the CFIS use easier and safer regarding its watertightness.AEL and Labaqua are currently working on the improvement of the first version of the business plan. AEL, Cetaquaand Labaqua are currently working on the organization of the workshops in Spain in May and in UK in autumn 2016.  A 3-min promotional video presenting the project, its objectives and the partners involved has been realized and posted on YouTube (

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Poligono Ind. Las Atalayas - C/Dracma 16/18
03114 Alicante
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Rafael Soriano


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01/12/2014 to 30/11/2016
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