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Automatic Water Leakage Detection (AUTO-LEAK)

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The project focuses on the integration of existing technology currently in use for the management of leakage in distribution mains. The solution presented in the current project proposal is automation through integration. The AUTOLEAK system, based on proven experience and expertise, integrates widely available monitoring equipment such as flow, pressure and noise logging and well proven software packages, such as mathematical simulation modelling and GIS (Geographic information system), with a data management and storage package to allow not just the immediate identification of a leak, but also its position. As such, it represents an innovative solution to a worldwide problem. This tool will provide a cost effective solution to the management of water distribution network. This approach is of particular relevance to Southern European countries where water shortages are more acute and Eastern European countries where leakage is typically very high.


AUTOLEAK will contribute to the solution of some major problems currently facing water scarcity and water management in the European Union and help saving water by providing innovative technologies for leakage control


  • The overall objective of AUTOLEAK is to contribute to the protection of the environment by achieving a more efficient use of water resources. The specific objectives of the project are:
  • to optimise the detection and location of hidden leaks in distribution networks and pipes laid in private properties through the development of a methodology based on integration of water distribution monitoring equipment and Data Management System software;
  • to validate the AUTOLEAK technology and aid its penetration in the EU market;
  • to enhance the competitiveness of the participating SMEs in reducing the losses in water pipes in urbanised areas;
  • to enhance the innovative capacity of water consultants, equipment manufacturer and water utilities.

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Societa Progettazione e Servizi - S.P.S. Srl
9 Via dell'Artigianato
60127 Ancona Marche
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Claudio, Serrani


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20/06/2009 to 19/06/2012
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