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Review of the Recommendation 2011/696/EU - Stakeholder consultation

The European Commission has been performing a review of its Recommendation on the definition of nanomaterial. It is now launching an online targeted stakeholder consultation to update, test and verify the preliminary findings of this comprehensive review, gathering further evidence and feedback from a wide range of stakeholders who have a role in application of the harmonized regulatory definition of nanomaterial in the EU.

The online consultation is open until 30 June 2021.


Targeted stakeholder consultation

Share your expertise and contribute to efficient application
of European legislation to nanomaterials


The consultation aims to:

  • Verify or complement the findings of the review
  • Gather precise and structured technical feedback on the identified technical elements of the definition that could be addressed by changes to the definition
  • Gather input on the impact of the changes under consideration: would they influence (different) classification of specific materials placed or emerging on the market?

It includes summary of the interim findings, links to relevant documents and reports and provides a short rationale with every question.

Note that the purpose of identification of the respondent/stakeholder, specific personal data is requested in the consultation (name and email, country of residence, profession, self-declared area of competence and information about the represented organisation). Please find related specific privacy statement here.


Background info

The Recommendation 2011/696/EU was developed to provide consistent definition of nanomaterial for any legislation with specific provisions for nanomaterials, such as to ensure adequate safety assessment or inform consumers. Its definition of nanomaterial was applied by several EU regulations and also Member State national legislations; for some, the legislator is presently awaiting the outcome of the ongoing review.

The Commission has already consulted on and assessed the implementation experience as well as scientific and technological developments. The Joint Research Centre published three reports: on collected experiences (EUR 26567 EN), evaluation (EUR 26744 EN) and the scientific-technical options to clarify the definition and to facilitate its implementation (EUR 27240 EN).