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Support to assessing the impacts of certain amendments to the proposal of the Commission for a regulation on mercury (ICF/COWI, 18.07.2017)

Ratification of the Minamata Convention by the EU - Complementary Assessment of the Mercury Export Ban, June 2015

Study on EU Implementation of the Minamata Convention on Mercury (March 2015) (pdf~2,2Mb)

Study on the potential for reducing mercury pollution from dental amalgam and batteries, Bio Intelligence Service S.A., Final report prepared for the European Commission (July 2012)

Cost effectiveness of options for a global legally binding instrument on mercury (May 2012) (pdf~1,7Mb)

Review of the Community Strategy Concerning Mercury (October 2010) (pdf~3,37Mb)

Requirements for facilities and acceptance criteria for the disposal of metallic mercury (April 2010)

Options for reducing mercury use in products and applications and the fate of mercury already circulating in society (September 2008) (executive summary pdf~ 243KB or full report pdf~8MB)

Independent expert group paper on Ambient air pollution by mercury

Mercury flows and safe storage of surplus mercury (August 2006) (pdf~1,2Mb)

Costs and environmental effectiveness of options for reducing mercury emissions to air from small-scale combustion installations (December 2005) (pdf~1,2Mb)

Mercury flows in Europe and the world: The impact of decommissioned chlor-alkali plants (February 2004) (pdf~980K)