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Animals used for scientific purposes

Posters and flyers (in English)

These posters can be downloaded, printed, and placed in work areas (for example in animal facilities and laboratories, universities, administrations or other institutions involved with the care and use of animals for scientific purposes).  The poster resolution is designed for printing up to A0 size.


A summary of the main elements of the three guidance documents:
  • Education and Training,
  • Project Evaluation
  • and Severity Assessment Framework
The Animal Welfare Bodies (AWB) and its role in and tools for implementing the Three Rs
  • Benefits of an efficient AWB
  • Achieving an efficient AWB
  • Delivering the core tasks of an AWB

The key elements of the EU Education and Training framework:

  • Legal background
  • Objectives
  • Modular Structure
  • Main modules
  • Educational learning process
  • Supervision and competence assessment



Flyer for Education & Training Platform for Laboratory Animal Science, ETPLAS

  • Background
  • Aims
  • Contact details



Genetically Altered Animals – legal requirements for genetically altered animals under the Directive for

  • Project authorisation
  • Annual statistical reporting
  • 5-yearly implementation reporting

The Project Evaluation (PE) process and its components:

  • Legal background
  • Information requirements in a project application
  • Key factors for an effective PE
  • Direct and indirect benefits, harms and likelihood of success
  • Harm-benefit analysis

The Severity Assessment (SA) Framework - from the project conception to completion:

  • Legal background
  • Benefits of a continuous SA process
  • Components of the SA process
  • Requirements for an effective SA
  • Example and results of a SA process

Poster on the Dissemination of Three Rs information by EURL ECVAM (European Union Reference Laboratory for alternatives to animal testing EU)

Provision of comprehensive information on alternative methods at all stages of development, validation or regulatory acceptance via specialised databases and information systems with main focus on in vitro and in silico methods:

  • Legal background
  • Key Features
  • Information coverage
  • Related projects including new developments

DB-ALM leaflet and flyer

EURL ECVAM DataBase service on ALternative Methods (DB-ALM) to provide comprehensive information on the development and applications of  alternatives

  • Rationale and legal background
  • Information coverage
  • Users
  • Related activities

EURL ECVAM Search Guide poster and flyer

EURL ECVAM Search Guide in support to efficiently finding alternatives during project planning and performance in biomedical sciences

  • Rationale
  • Key concepts
  • Content including search procedures, user guidance and suggested search terms, in addition to an inventory of relevant sources
  • Outreach and access

TSAR flyer

EURL ECVAM Tracking System for Alternative Methods Towards Regulatory Acceptance (TSAR) to disseminate information on methods being considered by member and observer organisations of the International Cooperation on Alternative Testing Methods (ICATM)