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Real Life Applications of Biodiversity Measurement Approaches for Businesses and Financial Institutions

The EU Business @ Biodiversity Platform has started collecting case studies, i.e., real life applications by businesses and financial institutions of biodiversity measurement approaches. The first 16 case studies are presented below. They are accompanied by summary descriptions of measurement tools.

A structured process was installed to harmonise the case study descriptions according to an agreed template. Each case study was then assessed by an independent quality review panel. Each case study includes a self-assessment completed by the authors of the case study (often a combination of tool developer and business) which provides useful additional insights in the strengths, limitations and opportunities for improvement of the available measurement approaches.

We invite tool developers and/or businesses to submit new case studies. Selection criteria for ‘new’ cases will be:

  • Illustration of a ‘new’ approach, i.e., an approach which is not covered by current 16 applications;
  • Illustration of new applications of ‘existing’ approaches (e.g., a combination of business application and organizational focus area which was not covered yet);
  • Illustration of important new functionalities of ‘existing’ approaches.

We are also looking for companies who have tested or are willing to test different measurement approaches on one similar case (so-called ‘multitool case study’) as these case studies are extremely interesting to compare measurement tools.

In case of interest for submitting a case study, please contact

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