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The TEEBAgriFood Operational Guidelines for Business have launched

Capitals Coalition announces the launch of the TEEBAgriFood: Operational Guidelines for Business. The TEEBAagriFood – The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity for Agriculture and Food – is a study which aims to provide a comprehensive economic evaluation of the eco-agri-food systems nexus. The study brings together scientists, economists, policymakers, business leaders and farmers’ associations to create a comprehensive evaluation framework to guide the analysis of the eco-agri-food systems and break away from the current “silo thinking” approach to evaluation.

The Guidelines – based on the Natural and Social and Human Capital Protocols – provide businesses a practical way to understand their impact on natural, human, social and produced capital and act upon them. The accompanying user templates provide check lists for each stage of the Guidelines.

Over the next three years, the Coalition will develop guidance, workshops and training on how to apply capitals thinking to the transform the food system in Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico and Thailand.

TEEBAagriFood is supported by the European Union.

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